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Considering as a definition “fashion sound” a reflection of society through fashion, my basic concept is reflection.The sound is formed by small particles that are reflected between them in oder to create a single thing ,absorbing a part and reflecting the same amount received. Like society, we absorb it and we pass it on.My base points from where I started are the painting by Cezanne, Mont Saint Victorie (1904-1906)where many brushstrokes create a work of art as many notes create a song.The same thing I got from the work by Frank Ghery, the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, many different pieces create something unique.In common these works have the theme of the reflection and the fact of building something,piece by piece. I reported these concepts in my collection through fabrics, shapes, prints and materials which change according to what they have in front of them : society. I recreated prints in order to follow this concept and using objects like cds that we use in everyday life and that can be used in different ways without being thrown away creating waste,the perfect mix between music and fashion.

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Elena Vaia

I can describe myself as a motivated and reliable person, energetic, sunny and open minded.I come from a village where I have always felt tight and limited so my desire to live things with intensity is huge.I am interested in various fashion field as creation, handcrafting, event organization, sustainability, quality and photography. I love working in a group and at the same time I also love working alone and locking myself in my creative and somewhat surreal world.Another important passion of mine is travel.Knowing new people, new cultures, new foods and new languages ​​has always excited me. In fact, I often went abroad to work, as in Germany where I was an ice cream maker for three months and in Scotland where I was a waitress to join the English course to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Since I was 16 I have always supported my studies as a waitress, receptionist or shop assistant. These jobs have allowed me to learn to communicate with the customer, work in a group, to get out of my comfort zone and above all to be independent.