Giorgia Menegotto

Iím Giorgia Menegotto
Iím a young designer born in Milan. For me, art has always been a source of inspiration and the main way of expressing myself. Since I was a child I knew that I wanted to work in this field. I attended the art high school learning various techniques of sculpture and drawing. Fashion, however, is the mode of expression in which I most recognize myself. The one, in my opinion, that is the most immediate and daily that allows us to convey who we are to others, even at first glance.
I take inspiration from the world of vintage, in particular the 70s and 60s, reinterpreting it and merging it with more contemporary themes.
I like to experiment with the combinations of textures, patterns, fabrics and colors.


ďUn altro paio di manicheĒ ("A different pair of sleeves") is a very ancient proverb that originates in the Middle Ages, a period in which, due to the scarcity of clean water, clothes were made and sold with interchangeable sleeves. Having spare sleeves was very convenient and advantageous, as they were the most likely to get dirty compared to the rest of the dress.
Therefore, the sleeves were not sewn to the dress, but were detached and were changed according to the different occasions. A way to reuse and save time and effort for what was more useful.
The collection takes up this ancient technique and many others to save time and money, the methods our grandmothers used to recycle clothes and fabrics. Saving every inch of fabric and reinventing what little one possessed during the postwar period. The result is a union of a mature aesthetic with a very childish one, creating a union between our childhood memories and everything that is handed down from generation to generation. We will find disproportions, patches, mini and maxi, childish patterns, patchwork. Feelings of wearing older brother's clothes, or memories of clothes too tight for your grown body.
The goal is to use recycled materials, fabrics collected during my grandmother's life, and to reinvent ancient techniques.

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ďAnother pair of sleevesĒ is the name of Giorgia Menegotto's collection.
She's inspired by the medieval period when people often changed their sleeves because they were very liable to get dirty.
The sleeves weren't sewn to shirt and thanks to this every one can change easily for every occasion.

The sleeves is the common thread of collection, they are obtained from old fabrics recovered from curtains, rugs, sheets and other household textiles.

The result is a great combination between recycle and innovation of ancient techniques.
The photo shoot focuses on the concept of childhood, nosalgia and the memory of the past.
The concept of family is represented tahnks to two models sisters immersed in enchantign and exclusive atmosphere of a 70ís house.

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Sara Giannuzzi

Iím Sara Giannuzzi, Iím a fashion designer.
Iíve studied at NABA, New Accademy Of Fine Arts, specifically Fashion Design Styling&Communication
I think that communication is the glue that holds relationships together. In the Fashion World we must be tenacious, be strong and patient beacuse everyone has a goal to achive but we have to be ahead of them.
Iím feeling good about myself because until now iíve learnt a lot of things and now iím fearless to learn even more. Every my project has a part of me, itís represented in different ways, but my creativity is stronger than my limits.