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The concept conceived by the designer is inspired initially to rayography.
Rayography is the name given by photographer and artist Man Ray to his frames.
Through a detailed research, the designer has developed her primordial idea by associating it with the sphere of emotions and colors.
The entire collection, characterized by the numerous shades of gray, has the purpose of
conveying the emotion of neutrality on the item and on the landscape. Clothing, body and landscape come together to become one. The lines and geometries of the collection are inspired by shadows and projections of shapes.
The collection is minimal and clean in its lines.

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Bianca Del Biondi

I’m Bianca Del Biondi and I’m currently studying Styling and Communication at Naba, Milan.
I have great motivation in learning and growing professionally as a stylist.
By having the opportunity to collaborate with a large number of people, I have matured and perfected my listening and communication skills.
Driven by strong principles, I have always accomplished my goals thanks to my organizational skills in time management.
I believe that images are the best communication tools, in fact I define photography as a universal language capable of breaking down every cultural and linguistic wall. Precisely for this reason, my goal is to be part of the world of photography and communication through the role of stylist.